Tuesday, September 10, 2013

summer is over and school is here

now its the 2nd day of school now the state expects you to past the keystone test or you dont get your dploma. also i got stuck with the meanest teacher in my grade. at least i got stuck with 1 of my friends or my bonder. its funny how the state is doing this, enstead of making prisons give schools money. there so broke they cant give students 2nd copys of things so we write more. wow new prison equals no money for school. now there's no point of having printers copiers and stuff. this is so crazy teachers are asking us to donate stuff. the reason way they made more prisons is if we drop out and do some crazy thing for us to get arrested. i won a 25 doller gift card for reading this summer i just found out. if anything is up with your school send comments. thats all for now a star

Friday, September 6, 2013

summer file 6

sorry I haven't been on I've been busy. to start this off here's this well there's been a few incident of kittens in my yard. my grandfather found kitten in his bean garden. there so small and adorable. who wouldn't like them? you here a man in a elmo hoodie robs a doller store. man what is this world coming to. on top of that school is already near. why can't school be 1day a month. I to dhate getting up early who doesn't. school is work but i'm used to it already.so there was a block party it was so fun there was a lot of things. well by astar