Thursday, May 23, 2013

a star's stuff

i got a magazine called Jerry baker's super saver's guide sneak peak preview issue  they got 13 problem solvers this is based on a book grandma putts old time vinegar,garlic,baking soda and 101 more problem solvers. I'll name 5
1) gum in your hair use peanut butter to remove in a flash
2) unclog a backed up sink  with 3 antacid tablets followed by a cup of white vinegar will unclog even the stubbornest drain
3)keep ants away chalk stops ' em them dead in their tracks: works on slugs too
4) wonderful watermelon facial takes off 20 years in only 20 mins
5)asparagus clears up ugly black heads and pimples in a flash

recipe of the week trail mix put rasins your fav cereal, pretzels, and your fav dry snack

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